A Map of where we are all from

Map of USA 2

Click Image to Enlarge                                 (This is not a Interactive Map.)  updated  9/15

We use this free webpage provided by WordPress.com to bring us all together the best we can.  There are now over 125 Rig couples, and a few singles from all over the United States, and a few from Canada.

Scroll through the different pages above at the top of the page to check out all the different things we have done in the past and all the GREAT things we have planned for all of us to do as friends in the future.

Our Email was Hacked this summer & we are still suffering from side effect.  But we think we Finally got all the Bugs Out today 11/5/2016.

Forgive us if you’ve tried to get in touch with us & we didn’t respond to you.  A lot of emails that you were sending to us were going to a hotmail account.  We Don’t have a hotmail account.  We have yahoo.  The hacker made it look as if you were sending a reply to midwesttruckcampers@yahoo.com, but it was actually going to midwest truck campers at hotmail.  you actually had to hover over the address to highlight it to see the hacking.  This is why we couldn’t respond.