2022 MWTCF Summer Rally

The 2022 MWTCF Summer Rally

Was held at Arrowhead Point RV Park and Campground.

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Link to Arrowhead Point RV Park & Campground

Well we did it again we survived the hottest week of the summer of 2022!!! I don’t know how, but we pick these dates out about 6 months before hand and more often than not I pick the hottest week of the summer. Wheww….. it was hot 100+!!!!!!!!

We had a great time as usual. We headed south from our home in the great state of Iowa on July 19th to stop by and relax at some Awesome MWTCF family members home in Northern Missouri. We rendezvous with some equally Awesome MWTCF’s that have been in this thing with us from the beginning, they are from Minnesota. We all met at our friends home there in Northern MO, and enjoyed each others company, played some table games, ate some food, took a few naps, and enjoyed the home, and landscape of a beautiful acreage. The sunsets were beautiful & the coffee was great. Its always a good time there your hospitality is the best. Thank you. We Rested up, & headed to Arrowhead Point RV Park & Campground on July 21st.

Things got started on the 22nd. We had 9 couples show up from many different states in the beautiful nation of ours. It was so good to see old friends. We were so thankful to have a wonderful Clubhouse with nice and cold air-conditioning. Everyone sat around and reminisced about days of old, and what has been happening in everyone’s lives these past few years. A few in our group have passed on this last year, and they are truly missed.

We shared some time playing table games. Jim provided hot dogs for lunch one afternoon, and he smoked us some of his Awesome brisket, for an evening potluck supper. Thanks Jim Awesome as usual, Everyone tremendously appreciates you doing that for us.

One afternoon, many in the group got together in the coolness of the clubhouse and made candles from scratch. Mrs. WagonMaster, and Little Miss. WagonMaster melted the wax, and everyone else picked out a candle mold, and sorted through the many colors to choose from, and a few different oils to add a little aroma to their candle.

Another Afternoon all the group came to the clubhouse to make homemade candy. We had all different kinds and assortments of candies. Some of the ingredients included, marshmallows, peanuts, pretzels, walnuts, & orange slices. Some of the ladies helped melt up some chocolate, and a few more helped mix in the ingredients. Many in the group helped scoop up the goodies onto the parchment paper to set and cool. One young wipper snapper in the group became very proficient in scooping up the candy. Thanks to all for the help. The hardest part of the candy making was waiting for it to cool and harden. It was so hard to resist those yummy treats. Orange slices seemed to be the favorite.

Each evening we had a favored round of “FastTrack” that was played at the game table. It was such a joy to hear the hum of great socializing going on. We had a wonderful time with everyone. The last two mornings it was a little cooler so out came the lawn chairs and one big circle we made and enjoyed each others company.

Our goal with this group was to bring people together, and create some friendships. That is exactly why we started this group 9 years ago. Where did the time go? Next year is our 10th Anniversary. We Encourage all of you to consider next years round up. Our days of this group are numbered, not sure how much longer we will being doing this, only the Lord knows. Anyway we hope to see you, & encourage you all to come out to see us.

Next year 2023, we hope to be at Arrowhead Point RV Park & Campground again. That park is currently for sale, so we don’t know what will happen. We are planning for an October Rally.

View from our friends home in Northern Missouri.
Had to stop at the Cheese Factory. Mmm……
Hey Everyone, You’alls Great!
Hot dogs!!!!! mmmm….
Awesome candle making ladies!

Loved the back porch. Great place to chat, and relax.

Great Job!!!!! A smile makes everyone’s day go better!

The infamous orange slices, & CHOCOLATE!!! Oh Yahhh…… they were So GOOD!!!!!!
Professionals at work. Great Job Guys!!!!
Ohhh…, peanut clusters, and some with pretzels too. You missed out.
You guys work well together. Your hired for next year! 🙂
Mmmm…., so much to choose from.

Its disappearing!
Puppy wants some exercise. Hey,??….. was that a squirrel? LETS GOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
More socializing and arts and crafts sharing. We made card holders. Thanks Jean. Your Great!!!
I think we are addicted!
Come on Pops!!! Look out World here we come!

Well It was wonderful getting to spend time with all of you Wonderful Folks. Life’s much better with Friends. You made our summer once again. We Love you All, until next time.
Your Wagon Masters, Doug, Tammie, & Katie.

See you all in 2023, for our 10th Anniversary.